Financial Grant Application

It is the objective of Soccer Charities of Connecticut, (SCC) is to provide financial grants up to 100% of the expenses of club fees, uniforms, equipment, travel and training costs of soccer players in Connecticut. Applications, subject to SCC geographical selection criteria, are need based and will be accepted from any player or family regardless of their club or team.
Funds are limited, as demand for assistance will always outstrip our ability to raise funds. SCC uses methods for allocation of funds based on geography and demographics. We have developed and continue to refine, a database of players and clubs by town of resident, club and district as used by the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association, CJSA and US Soccer. We do not prioritize one club, town or age group. Our geographical coverage will progress as we build upon our donor base.


The following conditions will apply to anyone who applies for grants:

  • State of Residence. All applicants for assistance must be a resident of Connecticut and be currently registered with CJSA or US Soccer. College and University level players must be committed to a team and cleared by the NCAA for college play regardless of Division.
  • Due Dates. An application for assistance must be completed during the Grant periods set out by SCC. The completed application must be submitted to the Grant Committee via email or our on website, by the closing date of the Grant period.
  • Grant Committee. The individual application will be considered by the Grant Committee of SCC and approved by our Board of Directors.
  • Grant Guidelines. Applications will be considered under the current SCC allocation guidelines which will be posted on the Grant application. The Grant amounts will vary due to SCC resources and needs of the applicant.
  • Verification of information. SCC reserves the right to verify all information submitted in the Grant application and the applicant agrees to such verification without limit. Grants will be communicated by email to the recipient, the player, and the club or organization for the upcoming period of activity, season or play.
  • Disbursement of Funds. SCC will disburse funds directly to the club or organization on behalf of players and their families. Prior to disbursement, the club or organization must make a final confirmation of player participation. Once grants are made and funded, there can be no refund or transfer of the funds to any other club or organization.
  • Player Participation. SCC asks the player to fully participate for the club or organization. Clubs or organizations are expected to allow full participation in all activities with no modification for injury or other unforeseen circumstances interrupting participation.
  • Continuing Grants. Grants are individual and for one Grant period only. Receiving a grant does not guarantee a continuing grant for subsequent periods. New Grants to the same recipients require a reapplication or update to the original grant request on file with SCC.
  • Confidentiality and Use of Information. Only members of the Grant Committee will be review the information contained on the application and all information will be considered confidential and for sole use of determining the potential Grant. Any other party outside of the Grant Committee will be limited to the name of the grantee and the corresponding club or organization. SCC will make public through our reporting to donors the town of residence and club or organization of the grantee. SCC reserves the right to report the total amounts granted by geography, club and age groups of grantees.
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  • I, , parent or guardian of , hereby certifies that the statements on this form are true to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. I understand that this is only a request for financial assistance and that there is no guarantee of acceptance of this application or of the amount that may be approved. I also understand that the Grant Committee may request additional information from me to further evaluate my need for financial assistance.